SPIRE FAN PacificBreeze II SP302AP-Black (SP-FAN-SP302AP-B) Μεγιστοποίηση

SPIRE FAN PacificBreeze II SP302AP-Black (SP-FAN-SP302AP-B)


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SPIRE FAN PacificBreeze II SP302AP-B

Main Features:
- Aluminum top surface for faster heat dissipation
- Two 80mm silent DC cooling fans
- 2 Port USB2.0 Hub integrated
- Extendable in width to accommodate larger laptops
- USB or outlet powered (adapter available with V3)
- Gentle slope improves typing comfort and raises screen
Application: 10'' - 17'' laptop
Cables: USB2.0
Color: Black
Connections: USB 2.0
Cooling: 2x80mm fans
Dimensions: 280x270x30mm(LxWxH)
Fan Type: DC +12V

Warranty: 12 month(s)


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