Company  Founded in MULTISYS.GR 8/9/2005. The main subject of the import and sale of computers and peripherals in the Greek market. The currently provides thousands of users the ability to purchase digital products at very low prices, comfort and absolute safety. As one of the first, companies in the field, MULTISYS has worked and has supplied products to digital technology the largest public and private institutions in the country. Since the inception of the company until today, that is for 7 years, there is a direct association with the largest distributors and manufacturers of computing. Products From 2005 onwards MULTISYS in the Greek market for computers and computer brands together a huge variety of modern peripherals. Along with assembling and placing H / Y, accessories & peripherals, the company is active in the field electronic and digital products peak supplies and a great variety of office machines (copiers, fax, etc.). The MULTISYS now has a marketable line digital goods consisting of more than 10,000 products. * The pictures of the products in our online store are indicative.


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